Junction improvement works - Shinfield

25 Jul 2016

A number of highway improvements were area were secured when the development at Spencers Wood was granted outline planning consent in 2013. In respect of the Basingstoke Road corridor, the proposals comprise the following works:

  • Basingstoke Road / Hyde End Road junction improvement
  • Basingstoke Road Traffic Management Scheme
  • Basingstoke Road / Church Lane Junction Improvement

The proposals to signalise the Basingstoke Road / Hyde End Road junction have been fully approved by Wokingham Borough Council and are due to be implemented imminently. TheĀ Drawing No. JNY8388-C-100/F depicts the nature of the junction improvement scheme which has been designed to provide additional capacity and to better facilitate the movement of larger vehicles at the junction. An important aspect of the design is the implementation of traffic signals on each of the approaches which does offer the opportunity to provide a signalised pedestrian crossing of Basingstoke Road immediately to the south of the junction. The contractor, J Breheny Construction, are undertaking the works on behalf of the Employer Consortium consisting of; University of Reading, Taylor Wimpey and David Wilson Homes.

J Breheny Construction will commence the works end of July 2016, with a 12 week construction programme with anticipated construction completion late October 2016. Construction works will be undertaken under temporary traffic light signals so the works can be undertaken safely. There will be local disruption to road users during this period.

The Basingstoke Road Traffic Management proposals are depicted on Drawing No. JNY8388-D-100/B. This scheme is currently going through the approval process with Wokingham Borough Council with the intention being that the works are implemented immediately following the completion of the Hyde End Road. The scheme promotes advisory cycle lanes along both sides of Basingstoke Road which, as well as improving facilities for cyclists, will also having the beneficial effect of visually reducing the carriageway width which will help to reduce speeds. Ancillary measures including revised road markings are also being promoted. The intention is for the scheme to be implemented in conjunction with a reduction of the speed limited to 30mph. It is however important to note that the speed limit reduction is subject to a separate Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) approval process which is being administered by Wokingham Borough Council as highway authority.

The third element of the upgrades is the proposed signalisation of the Basingstoke Road / Church Lane mini roundabout, again to provide additional capacity and to improve pedestrian crossing provision. The detailed design and approval process for this scheme is less advanced, although the emerging design which builds upon the principles of the layout that were established at the time of the outline planning consent are shown on Drawing No. JNY8388-B-100/A. The timing and mechanism for implementing improvements at this junction is a matter that is subject to ongoing discussions with Wokingham Borough Council.