Road reopened

24 Aug 2015
relief road photo.jpg

The A327 between Shinfield and Arborfield was re-opened, ahead of schedule, at 16.30 on Saturday 22nd August. We appreciate that this has been an inconvenience and would like to thank everyone for their patience during the last 3 weeks 

Temporary Traffic Signals

We have recently received a few queries regarding the continued use of temporary traffic signals on the A327.  For clarification, the above mentioned 3 week road closure was specifically in place for the installation of flood relief culverts. This was considered to be the “least bad” option, taking into consideration the potential for significant delays due to signals operating during peak times. 

It has always been the case that the project will require the use oftemporary off-peak signalsto allow the completion of work (both for access purposes and to provide a safe work zone where needed), however, the use of signals will be reviewed and approved by Wokingham Borough Council in advance.  In addition to this utility companies have statutory powers enabling them to undertake unrestricted works in the highway as, and when, necessary. 

Please be aware that essential services, including the gas main, will begin to be re-connected from Tuesday next week and the utility companies involved will require signals.  These services are located above the culverts we have just installed, so they could not be reconnected before the culverts were complete. We apologise for the works and any delays they cause - we are working hard to reduce these where we can.