Taylor Wimpey and David Wilson Homes have outlined plans for how the development to the North of Croft Road (the next stage of development at Spencers Wood) could look.

Following the allocation of the area for this wider development, an Outline Planning Application was approved in July 2014 which set the principles behind this new development and how it would tie in with the broader SDL vision. This was for 900 homes, of which some 363 are proposed north of Croft Road, Spencers Wood.

NoCR location.jpg

To guide the next phase of development, we are preparing a ‘Reserved Matters’ detailed application for the erection of 363 homes, together with public open space including two sports pitches, an area of allotments, two areas of children’s play equipment, landscaping and the road which will serve the new primary school being delivered by Wokingham Borough Council.

The submission layout is available here.

The main access for the development will be off Hyde End Road through the earlier phase which is currently being constructed to
the south. Vehicles will also be able to travel to and from Church Lane to the north. A third access is also being proposed for Clares Green Road, albeit this will be restricted to serve only around 70 new homes.

These arrangements follow the principles set out in the Outline Planning Application stage.

A footway/cycleway link will be provided via the main access through the development and then connect to Shinfield West. The proposals also include closing the central section of Ryeish Lane to traffic, as well the southern section of Hyde End Lane. This will help to create attractive car-free rural lanes giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

Parking will mainly be allocated driveway parking and the number of spaces are in line with Wokingham Borough Council’s parking standards. These reflect local car ownership levels for each size of home and include visitor parking.


As the development lies within the 5km zone around the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA), measures to reduce recreational pressure on this sensitive habitat are required, including the provision of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces (SANG). A strategy has been agreed with Wokingham Borough Council and Natural England providing SANG at May’s Farm, Five Acres Field and the Ridge.

The SANG at Five Acres Field will be delivered as part of this development. This will be located to the north-east of Spencers Wood, adjacent to the Clare’s Green Local Wildlife Site. It will provide a grassland habitat to enhance and protect the existing important ancient hedgerows and Ash coppice stools, with ponds also dug to benefit wildlife.

In addition to the SANGs, other areas of open space will be included in the development, creating new landscaped areas and retaining existing hedgerows and mature hedgerow trees. Attenuation basins and swales will also be provided as part of the Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), the surrounds of which will be planted to provide attractive spaces for residents and wildlife alike.


Equipped play areas will also be provided to the south of the proposed school site, adjacent to the east side of Hyde End Lane and on land between the Five Acres Field SANG and Nullis Barn.