Taylor Wimpey are promoting proposals for development at Three Mile Cross and Spencers Wood. The site lies adjacent to Basingstoke Road and falls within the South of M4 Strategic Development Location (SDL), though it is not identified as a site for development in the Local Plan.


Taylor Wimpey is promoting this proposal to help meet a greater demand for new homes in Wokingham Borough, as well as to provide new open space and a permanent, accessible and attractive  green space between the villages of Spencers Wood and Three Mile Cross; and linking the existing residential areas to the west of Basingstoke Road directly through and into the newly created Mays Farm SANG and beyond.

When looking at creating proposals for the site, the development team have looked closely at the nature of the site and its surroundings – in order to start creating a scheme that best reflects the opportunities and constraints associated with development. You can find out how we do this by looking at the exhibition boards from our event held on 19 July 2016 here.

We propose to submit a planning application partly in outline, which means it seeks the approval of the principle of development as well as points of access, but leaves the details of layout, scale, appearance and landscape to be established by a subsequent Reserved Matters planning application.


The recreation open space area (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace – SANG) will, however, be submitted in full detail at the outset, such to clearly demonstrate the detail of how this important green space will be established and how it will connect Basingstoke Road with Mays Farm SANG.


Vehicle access to the two residential areas would be provided separately via two new priority T-junctions onto the Basingstoke Road. These have been carefully located to ensure the highest quality existing mature trees lining Basingstoke Road can be retained.

New footpaths will be created on the SANG which would connect onto the Basingstoke Road and onto the Public Right of Way that runs along the eastern boundary.

The site lies on the key bus route on the Basingstoke Road, serving Reading town centre every 30 minutes. Additionally, bus service provision will be further enhanced as part of the proposals for the South of M4 SDL which is delivering a new bus service operating to the town centre along with bus stop improvements along the Basingstoke Road corridor.

Car parking will mainly be driveway parking and accord with Wokingham Council’s parking standards. These reflect local car ownership levels and include visitor parking.



The scheme uses drainage features such as swales, ditches and ponds to capture and manage surface water before releasing it at a rate that replicates current flows.

The layout reflects this by providing basins to deliver capacity to collect and temporarily store water during heavy rainfall.


As the development lies within the 5km zone around the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA), measures to reduce pressure on this habitat are required, including the provision of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces (SANG). 

The SANG will create a permanent and accessible green space between Three Mile Cross and Spencers Wood and link to Mays Farm SANG to the east, enabling a direct link across to Shinfield. It will provide a grassland habitat to enhance and protect existing hedgerows and trees as well as a mown meadow path.