Taylor Wimpey are bringing forward detailed proposals for 86 homes to the south of Church Lane and west of Basingstoke Road. The proposals were given outline planning permission in 2014 as part of the wider South of M4 Strategic Development Location.

Taylor Wimpey is working on what those homes will look like and how they will be positioned within the site. This will form part of a ‘Reserved Matters’ planning application which goes into much more detail about house layout, scale and appearance of the new homes, as well as the design of roads, provision of parking spaces and landscaping.

s church lane map.jpg

This application will be submitted to Wokingham Borough Council for their formal consideration within the next month. A similar planning application, for land to the north of Church Lane was granted planning permission by Wokingham Borough Council in March 2017 and work will begin later this year.

Taylor Wimpey are aiming to provide a wide range of homes, from 2 – 5 bedrooms in size, 10% of which will be available as affordable homes. Allocated parking will be provided for every home as well as provision of visitors spaces. The proposals also include open space and allotments for new and existing residents.

CB 81 089 001 PLANNING LAYOUT 2704

The development will be accessed from a new roundabout onto Church Lane which will also serve the development to the north of Church Lane. The layout of the access point has already been approved as part of the outline planning permission that was granted in 2014.

Footways will be provided along the main street running through the development. This will lead to shared surface streets and private drives which will cater for the properties toward the peripheries of the site. Pedestrian access will also be created onto Footpath 20 which runs along the southern boundary.

Vehicular parking will be provided in a combination of ways including on-street and courtyard parking, although the majority of spaces will be on-plot. The number of allocated and visitor parking spaces will accord with Wokingham Borough Council’s parking standards which reflect local factors including typical car ownership levels in the area.

CB 81 089 Ai05 Street Hierarchy Drainage System Update

The proposed drainage strategy will deliver sufficient capacity to collect and convey surface water during periods of heavy rain before releasing the flows into the ditches and attenuation basins being provided within the adjoining development parcel to the North of Church Lane.

The system is being designed to cater for the run off from the development for all storms up to the 1 in 100 year + a 30% allowance for climate change. Foul sewers will also be routed through the adjacent development parcel to the North of Church Lane before gravitating to the new foul pumping station being constructed by Taylor Wimpey which is being designed to cater for the flows associated with known and planned development within the wider area.

CB 81 089 Ai02 Sustainable Drainage System